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A yarn about our Beans

Coffee Beans
Fresh Roasted Coffee

Brazil Nascer Do Sol

Our Boss Bean

This Boss Bean is the vibrant leader in our pack. Brazil

Nascer do Sol coffee is a celebration of Brazil's commitment to producing some of the finest coffee beans globally. Sourced from the lush hills and valleys of Brazilian coffee farms, each sip embodies the passion and dedication of local farmers who cultivate these beans under the gentle embrace of the morning sun.

This coffee boasts a well-balanced profile, combining the nutty richness of Brazilian beans with subtle hints of citrus and a smooth, velvety finish. Nascer do Sol Coffee promises a taste that transcends the ordinary, bringing the magic of a Brazilian sunrise to your morning routine.

Colombia Excelso Supremo

Our Mastermind Right Hand Bean

This mastermind right hand bean does alot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. This bean will take you on a journey of exquisite taste, where the high-altitude landscapes of Colombia conspire to create a coffee that is nothing short of exceptional.

Colombia Excelso Supremo coffee is a testament to the country's commitment to producing top-tier coffee beans. Grown at elevations that impart a distinct richness and complexity, each sip is an invitation to savour the harmonious balance of flavours.

With a medium to full body, Colombian Excelso Supremo boasts a velvety texture and a delightful combination of bright acidity and subtle sweetness. The beans, handpicked with care, undergo meticulous processing to preserve their inherent qualities, resulting in a cup that is both bold and nuanced.

 Colombian Excelso Supremo coffee promises a refined experience that captures the essence of Colombian coffee craftsmanship. 

Ethiopian Dari Kojuwa Guji

Our Chief Character Conjurer 

This bean is our high performing character conjurer. Sourced from the lush landscapes of the Guji region, this coffee is a testament to the rich and diverse Ethiopian coffee culture.

Grown at high altitudes and nurtured by the fertile soils of Guji, these coffee beans carry a distinct character. As you savour each cup, you'll be transported to the sun-drenched hills where the beans are carefully cultivated, creating a symphony of floral and fruity notes that define the Ethiopian coffee experience.

Dari Kujuwa, meaning "from understanding" in Swahili, encapsulates the wisdom passed down through generations of Ethiopian coffee farmers. The Guji region's unique terroir imparts a delightful complexity to the brew.

Whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Ethiopian Dari Kujuwa Guji Coffee invites you to explore the depths of flavor that emerge from this renowned coffee-growing region. Elevate your coffee ritual with the enchanting aroma and distinctive taste that only Ethiopian Guji coffee can offer.

Mexico HG EP Single Organis Grapos

Our Sustainable Sip Supervisor 

Our supervisor of sustainability is the exceptional Mexican High Grown (HG) EP Single Organic Grapos coffee. Sourced from the sun-kissed landscapes of Mexico, this coffee is a true testament to the commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and organic excellence.

Grapos, meaning "clusters" in Spanish, perfectly describes the tightly-knit unity of flavours found in this single-origin gem. Grown at high altitudes under the Mexican sun, each bean undergoes a meticulous European Preparation (EP) process, ensuring a premium quality that stands out in every cup.

Immerse yourself in the organic richness as you savour the distinct characteristics of this single-origin delight. The flavour profile unfolds like a story, with subtle notes of fruitiness, a whisper of nuttiness, and a gentle hint of chocolate, all merging seamlessly to create a symphony of taste.

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