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A yarn about our founders

Saddle up for adventure: Blast Coffee Roasters: Where roaming hearts and roasted beans unite.

In the outback town of Katherine, Australia, a unique coffee haven emerges from the spirited journey of the most unlikely duo Bec, a remote area nurse and public health specialist, and Mick, a cowboy and tradesman, both with a penchant for adventure. In 2009, fueled by their love for the expansive outback, the tight-knit community of Katherine, and the thrill of fishing for barramundi, they embarked on a journey into the world of coffee roasting.

Blast Coffee Roasters, a humble roastery, was born from the melding of Bec and Mick's passions - not only for coffee but also for the open road. Avid bike riders and travel enthusiasts, their expeditions have inspired a coffee experience that reflects the diversity of landscapes they've encountered.

From the untamed beauty of the Australian outback to the vibrant streets of faraway places, each cup of Blast Coffee Roaster's meticulously roasted beans tells a tale of the duo's adventurous spirit. In 2016, their love for coffee and community prompted the evolution of Blast Coffee Roasters into their cherished Pop Rocket Rocket café, becoming a hub where fellow travellers and locals alike can gather. Pop Rocket Cafe's laid back vibe was inspired by the beach kiosk culture they experienced while growing up and surfing the beaches in Newcastle.

Bec and Mick not only share a passion for crafting exceptional coffee but also for exploring the world on two wheels. Whether you're a fellow wanderer or a local coffee connoisseur, the café invites you to partake in the warmth of its surroundings and tasty treats, fueled by the rich aromas of their signature blends.

So, saddle up for a taste of adventure in every cup, as they invite you to join the journey where bike rides, travels, and a love for coffee and food converge, creating an experience that resonates with the free-spirited essence of Bec and Mick's extraordinary life.

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